Peter Druker said that behind every successful business there is someone who has made a brave decision.

It was also like this for D’Anella Francesco, who, in 1979, founded the Pergola Autotrasporti, in partnership with his brothers-in-law. The first vehicle purchased was a Bedford TK. Over time, the company specialized in the transport of agricultural machinery, becoming a point of reference in Italy for companies producing in this sector.

With the release of the in-laws from the company, the 20-year experience matured in Francesco, who slowly transmitted it to his children. In 1997, Federico, second of six brothers, purchased his first truck.

With his father, he began to diversify the services offered, dealing not only with the transport of agricultural machines but also with other types of merchandise and materials, thus acquiring a large and diversified range of customers.

Within a few years, Giovanni, Giuseppe, and Alfredo (first, third, and fourth of the brothers) joined the team. This completes the transfer of the company to the sons of Mr. Francesco, a step also sanctioned by the assumption of the new company name: Autotrasporti F.lli D’Anella.

The team’s harmony and synergy, true cornerstones of the company, allowed the company to grow and expand both its vehicle fleet and its workforce: the first collaborators are finally hired.

In addition to the administrative and operational headquarters of Marsico Nuovo (PZ), a strategic point for transport in Southern Italy, the company also opened a branch in Reggio Emilia, a fundamental hub for transport in Northern Italy and into the rest of Europe.

In 2008, the company was completed with the arrival of the younger brothers, Antonio and Angelo.

Over the years, Autotrasporti Flli. D’Anella has constantly grown, extending its activity to new and diverse sectors, becoming a point of reference in some of these.

To date, the company has more than 30 trucks, including power heads, lorries, and just as many partners.

Values / Vision / Mission

Values: Respect, punctuality, professionalism, listening skills, innovation and respect for the environment.

Vision: building a transport network capable of reaching every European country with speed, efficiency, low costs and safety.

Mission: we work every day to repay the trust of our customers with satisfaction. We work professionally for every type of transport assigned to us, thanks to a close-knit team of young collaborators backed by the great experience of veterans.


In recent years, our company, in addition to an ambitious development plan that has allowed it to increase its fleet, has undertaken an equally ambitious renewal plan to replace high-emission vehicles with modern Euro 6 engines. Soon, even the few remaining Euro 4 vehicles will be replaced with the latest-generation vehicles, not excluding the possibility of bringing modern LNG trucks into the fleet.

Great attention to the environment is also confirmed by the fact that a geolocation / GPS device was installed on each vehicle, in order to carry out a careful analysis of the routes. This translates into a significant reduction in mileage, which influences the greater speed of merchandise delivery and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

More efficient drivers

we invest in the training of our team by working with
Volvo through the DRIVER DEVELOPMENT program.

By improving the way you accelerate and brake, you can immediately save up to 10% on fuel, improving safety, avoiding accidents, and reducing vehicle wear.

The courses are carefully designed to teach drivers to make the best use of the vehicle and improve knowledge of the sector, all with the aim of managing the truck more efficiently and intelligently and, ultimately, increasing productivity. Based on decades of Volvo research and experience, and led by specialized instructors, the training courses combine theory with practical coaching.



The customer is required to verify the accuracy of the number of packages delivered, and to ascertain the external integrity of the goods, but is not authorized to open the packages or pallets and check the contents. The customer in case of anomalies external to the packages (VISIBLE damages) can indicate a reserve on the transport document, specifying the type of anomaly found, otherwise he is required to sign and stamp the transport document without any annotation. The driver is not authorized to be present at the opening of the packages by the recipient, as any anomalies with respect to when indicated in the transport document (anomalies in the quality and quantity of the goods contained inside) are to be attributed to the sender.

As established by art. 7 of the Federcorrieri general conditions the loading tools (pallets, and other) used by the sender are considered to all intents and purposes an integral part of the packaging of the goods and therefore of exclusive relevance to the recipient. The relative tare is included for the purpose of determining the taxable weight of the shipment. Only in the presence of an explicit agreement with the buyer of the transport is the carrier obliged to answer for the non-return. The agreement can only be envisaged for EPAL pallets, there must be a return allowance and must provide for compensation for the transport necessary for return.

The request for quote can be made by anyone. The transport company has developed to be able to satisfy the personalization of the private sector and the great bulk that large companies need.

FTL stands for “Full Truck Load”, or “full vehicle load”

LTL stands for “Less than a Truck Load”, or “partial vehicle load”

ETA stands for “Estimated time arrival” or “Estimated time of arrival”

ETD stands for “Estimated time departure” or “Estimated departure time”

If you need to deliver or receive your goods on a specific day and date, just ask us and indicate the date.

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